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Help! I Need to Lose Weight

You’ve probably tried to diet before, relying on your willpower and maybe the fad of the day to drastically restrict your calories and up your activity so you could shed some pounds. How’d that go? If you’re reading this blog, probably not so well.

The problem is that our bodies need a certain amount of fuel to function and run all the complex operations that humans perform. If you deny yourself fuel, your body feels like it’s starving (and so do you). 

So, when you finally introduce a normal number of calories back into your eating schedule, your body holds onto them like a hoarder holds onto rolls of toilet paper. But instead of sticking the excess in the garage, your body stores those extra calories as rolls of fat. Not the result you want.

At the Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, we know that “dieting” doesn’t work. Instead, you have to actually change your “diet” to give your body the fuel it needs to function. 

But making drastic changes in the way you eat and think about food isn’t easy. That’s why we offer support  and guidance through our HCG/Paleo Scientific weight loss program. 

Speed up fat burning

You don’t want to stress your body to the point where it thinks it’s starving and starts to store fat. That’s why we recommend boosting your metabolism with the human chorionic gonadotropin, (HCG) which is a hormone that pregnant women produce during the last part of their pregnancy to increase metabolism.

Since your body thinks it’s starving when you restrict calories, your metabolism slows down, too. That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight on your own.

Your Modern Wellness Clinic professional speeds up your metabolism during the weight-loss portion of your program with HCG injections. The HCG makes you burn extra fat as fuel.

You only take the injections and restrict calories for a short period of time. You get support every inch of the way from our expert team. And since you’re on the Paleo diet (which is a way of life, not a short-term fix), you get the nutrients you need during each phase of your weight loss.

Nourish your body

The Paleo diet gets its name from the Paleolithic period in history, when all humans on the planet were hunters and gatherers. All women, men, and children ate a “Paleo diet” from about 2.5 million years ago to just about 10,000 years ago, when some hunters and gatherers transitioned to farming. 

While farming allowed humans to build permanent settlements, instead of wandering where the food naturally grew — and roamed —  it also changed our diet. For the worse.

Hunters and gatherers ate diets that were rich in animal meats, animal organs, and fish. They ate root vegetables, some plants, berries, nuts, and seeds, too. That all changed once farming became the preferred lifestyle.

Instead of focusing on wild foods, farmers grew large-scale crops, such as grains and beans. Unfortunately, grains and beans are filled with anti-nutrients called lectins, oxalates, and phytates that can trigger inflammation in your gut, leading to disease and — guess what — weight gain.

Grains and beans also don’t contain important fats and vitamins that are only present in animals and fish. Your body needs those nutrients to produce the hormones that run every aspect of your physicality, including your metabolism. 

Maintain your results

Any kind of calorie-restriction diet might transform your figure into the sleek shape you covet. For a few months. Or maybe even a few years. Then you’re right back where you started. Or worse.

With Modern Wellness Clinic’s HCG/Paleo Scientific Weight Loss Program, your good results can last for life. That’s because the new habits you adopt will last for life, too. Once you (and your body) feels what it’s like to get the right kinds of fuel, you’ll never go back to filling yourself with junk again. (And if you ever do fall off the wagon, we’ll be there to catch you.) 

To start your lifelong weight-loss and maintenance journey, call our office to schedule an appointment online today for an HCG/Paleo Scientific weight loss program consultation.

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