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Botox & Dermal Fillers



Beauty trends of today tend to mirror pop culture, and the growing desire for a more youthful wrinkle-less skin complexion is no exception.

A quick Google search shows that Las Vegas Botox is a popular industry, one filled by a number of dedicated clinics that can give you treatment in a single afternoon. 

But what do you know about Botox?

Let’s break down what Botox is, including some alternative brands, and what you should do to prepare for your first Botox appointment. More importantly, we’ll stress that Botox is something that you should only do with a reputable clinic like Modern Wellness, we offer you the advice, support, and care that you need.



Botox probably isn’t what you think. Botox is a brand name for the toxins produced by a strain of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum – the bacteria commonly responsible for food poisoning called botulism. 

Yeah, bacteria.

Doctors discovered that one of the major symptoms of botulism is temporary paralysis. 

Small doses are quite manageable by the body, so much so that the associated paralysis can be harnessed for other purposes. The toxin blocks certain nerve receptors in muscles, which causes those muscles to relax. When muscles in the face start to relax, wrinkles in those areas tend to disappear. 

Botox treatments can last anywhere between 3-6 months, after which time further treatment is needed to keep the muscles relaxed. 


Botox isn’t the only brand of botulinum injection on the market. Other brands like Xeomin and Dysport exist, typically with slightly different results and procedures. Here at Modern Wellness Clinic we use Dysport

Since discovering the benefits of the Clostridium botulinum toxin, the medical industry has started to use it in a variety of treatments. Chronic conditions like migraines, eye twitch, neck spasms, and overactive bladders. It was only after these types of patients showed great results that Botox found another use as a facial treatment for wrinkles. 

Botox is a unique industry regardless. A few years ago, it was legal for a wide range of “specialists” to inject Botox. However, a 2017 Nevada law specified that only trained professionals (physicians, dentists, registered nurse) or someone working directly under a trained professional (physician’s assistant) could administer the toxin. 

All this means that when you get Botox injections at Modern Wellness, you’ll always be seen by a trained professional.


A typical Botox treatment is incredibly simple and fast. Once you set an appointment with our Botox specialist, the procedure can run as short as 15 minutes. 

The practitioner will usually pinpoint the areas of the face that require treatment. Then, they will clean the skin and sometimes (but not always) apply an anesthetic cream to the areas receiving the shot.

Following this, they will clean any remaining cream from your face, place an icepack on the injection area, and then remove the ice pack before quickly administering the injection. Then it’s just a matter of injecting the low-dose Botox into the selected areas.

The needle used is very thin, and the injection fast and painless.

Once you’ve received treatment, you’ll start to see results in 3 or so days. Wrinkles in the injected area will start to relax out, and after a week you’ll see much more wrinkle loss. 


inconvenience, either in preparation or recovery. You can simply make an appointment with our clinic that does Botox injections and show up for your appointment. 

There are no lasting effects after the injections, and you can walk out of the office and continue your day as nothing happened. 

That being said, there are some preparatory steps you can take before your appointment related to the injection itself. These steps primarily help those of us who are sensitive to needles and suffer symptoms like bruising when getting injections.

  1. Stay away from certain NSAIDS or blood-thinning medications like aspirin or muscle relaxants. These can cause issues with your injection or your reaction to it, so consult with your practitioner before the appointment about any and all medications you take. 
  2. If you smoke, try to refrain for at least a day or two prior to the appointment. Nicotine can slow healing and increase your risk for bruising
  3. Tend to your anxieties. Educate yourself about Botox and its effects. Ask questions and express concerns to your doctor. If you exercise to relieve stress, make sure to do so no sooner than 4 hours prior to the procedure, and no sooner than 4 hours after


Since Botox is just a brand name for botulinum toxin, it doesn’t hold a monopoly over the substance or its application. Other brands exist, with slightly different formulas.

What brand do we use?

  • Dysport is similar to Botox but has a few key differences. One, it has a different dilution rate, which means that you often have to purchase more at a lower price to the same effect. Two, Dysport tends to diffuse more widely around your face than Botox, which means it works great over a large area but not so much for precision treatment. Third, Dysport typically acts faster than Botox, with results showing up in 24 hours. 


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