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If you’ve ever wondered how that old man who lives down the street can still go jogging every day at the age of 75, it’s probably because he took care of himself and kept a close eye on his vitamin intake. 



Today’s world is one of people rushing about. It’s a mad world in which we live, with too many things to do, and too little time in which to do it. 

Amidst all of that, who has time to worry about getting the vitamins that you need for a healthy life? That’s a dangerous question to answer incorrectly- Vitamins are wholly necessary for the human body to retain its health and longevity. 

If you’ve ever wondered how that old man who lives down the street can still go jogging every day at the age of 75, it’s probably because he took care of himself and kept a close eye on his vitamin intake. 

But the world’s changed, and now most people need a little help to get the proper amount of vitamins one needs for that long-lasting body and musculature. That’s why IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy, offered by the Modern Wellness Clinic, is such a useful and crucial program. 

Vitamin Concentration  

Harboring a concentration of B and C vitamins, magnesium, and calcium, IV Vitamin Therapy is a concentration of everything your body needs to keep living it up in Vegas or get down to work, without the hassle of a nutritionist. 

The benefits offered by this kind of treatment far outstrip the detriments. 

Sure, IV Vitamin Therapy has pros and cons like anything else- you may notice flushing of certain body parts, as blood circulates the vitamins through your circulatory system, and there could be a strange iron taste in your mouth- don’t worry, though. 

We’re not listing these because they’re problematic. We simply want you to understand how our treatment works. The taste is just because those health elements are circulating through your hard palate, and is a sign that it’s working


This innovation in health services is a resoundingly large step forward for keeping vacationers where they want to be most- out of the medical room, and on the Strip. 

The treatment has proved to be useful in combating such eternal human struggles as Asthma, Chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia. While it’s the perfect pick-me-up for tired tourists, it’s also a genuinely beneficial medical treatment. 

Modern Wellness Clinic is a quality establishment that has been servicing customers in Paradise for more than half a decade, and their most recent offering of the IV Vitamin Therapy program is another step towards their goal of a happier, healthier Las Vegas. 

IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy even has favorable medical effects than can only be obtained from the process. For instance, it’s a relatively well-known fact that Vitamin C has hugely beneficial antiviral properties, and can improve plasma concentration for those of you who might have problems with blood pressure. 


Unfortunately, these amazing powers of Vitamin C are only attainable in specific quantities, which can’t be reached through eating an orange or receiving an oral vitamin treatment. 

However, the highly specific and impressive process that our IV Vitamin Therapy uses can reach these high doses. 

Ultimately, if you’re feeling run down on the strip, need a pick me up, want to fight the ever-growing medical conditions that come with a more senior age, or even just want to ensure you don’t catch that nasty cold that’s going around, visit the Modern Wellness Clinic for IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy. You’ll notice the effects immediately, and leave with that healthy glow that can only come from proper vitamin intake.


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  1. Slow down ageing skin
    From wrinkle creams to moisturising gels to facials, we all want to slow the ageing process. Getting rid of those crow’s feet, laughter lines or frowning tell tale marks, the beauty industry offers every type of product and solution that our heart’s desire. Pure oxygen is starting to break onto the scene to help us in the fight against ageing. Try 20 minutes of pure oxygen as part of your beauty regime weekly.
  2. Stressful lives
    The 9 to 5 is a challenge for all of us. Trying to get more done? We all know that when we are stressed someone normally suggests ‘taking a deep breath’. Pure oxygen can help you take a moment, get pure oxygen into your bloodstream and help you tackle the road ahead with a little more ease because pure oxygen can help to reduce stress.
  3. Think faster
    A study by the Human cognitive Neuroscience Unit in Northumbria experimented with pure oxygen and concluded that those breathing pure oxygen remembered up to 20% more words, from a given list, than those that did not breathe pure oxygen. If you are struggling some days to focus, get things done, then breathing pure oxygen can help make those tasks that bit easier and quicker.
  4. That jet lag feeling
    Flying on long haul is challenging enough with not enough leg room and then arriving to feel as though all your energy has been left on the plane. The reasons for this are to do with the change in time zone, obviously the long travel, and also the increased pressure in the airplane cabin, which means that less oxygen enters your bloodstream. Using pure oxygen will help you to overcome jet lag quickly and help you to enjoy your holiday sooner.
  5. Speeds up recovery
    Pro athletes, trainers and the fitness community are breathing pure oxygen to help them speed up their recovery. Of course, when you earn tens of thousands per week and your team depend on you, or you just want to get back to winning again, speed of recovery is key. Breathing pure oxygen has been prescribed by hospitals for recovery and now breathing pure oxygen can help everyone that is looking to recover more quickly from injury, a minor operation or a period of being unwell.
  6. The great detoxer and cleanser
    According to many health gurus the great body cleanser and detoxifier is oxygen. Our lifestyle is less physical than our ancestors and so we are not oxygenating our blood as well as they did, which leads to our bodies carrying more toxins than we did generations before us. Breathing pure oxygen can help to reduce those toxins that we carry in our bodies, in turn helping us to be healthier.
  7. Boost the immune system
    Our immune system helps us to fight infections, diseases, coughs & colds, and helping it do its job is key to living more healthy. There are a number of ways you can maximise your immune system, like eating healthily, exercising regularly, moderating your alcohol, and breathing pure oxygen is another way of helping you to help your immune system to help you.


ALL IN ONE Vitamin B12, B6, B Complex and Lipo Injections Modern Male & Anti Aging vitamin booster injections are used to:

  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Metabolism and Increase Fat Burning
  • Improve Skin Texture and Tone
  • Improve Mental Cognition and Nervous System Health
  • Decrease Headaches
  • Balance Hormones and Decrease Symptoms of PMS
  • Improve Mood
  • Reduce Stress and Support Adrenals
  • Boost Immune system
  • Boost Detoxification Pathways
  • And more…

Lipotropic (MIC) B12 injections with added B6, B12 and B complex. These injections contain lipotropic fat burning amino acids and are an important addition to any fat burning, weight loss program.

These amino acids help your liver process fat and excrete fat-soluble toxins to help with weight loss, detoxification, and hormone balancing. Vitamins B12 and B6 primarily help with energy and mood, support adrenals and boost metabolism. Beautiful Laser Lounge & Anti Aging Super Booster Shots will prevent headaches, improve energy and mood, immune system and skin health.

We also add Biotin (B7)for thicker and fuller hair and stronger nails. We also include Vitamin C and D in our Super B12 Booster Shots for Beautiful results and Energy.

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