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Varicose Veins Treatment Las Vegas

Spider Veins Sclerotherapy


What Is Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Modern Wellness Clinic offers a medical treatment for varicose veins and ‘spider veins’ called Sclerotherapy. A very fine needle is used, by a Board Certified Las Vegas physician to inject a medical solution directly into the affected spider veins, this Spider Vein Las Vegas Sclerotherapy Treatment then causes irritation to the lining of the blood vessel (spider vein) which creates swelling and forces the spider vein to close up. Eventually, the spider veins in the procedure become scar tissue under the surface of the skin and soon fade from view. This gets your skin ready for some Las Vegas fun in the sun! Sclerotherapy, as a spider vein treatment has been in practice since the 1930’s and has shown great results, especially here in the Las Vegas Valley, where local celebrities and the elite have taken advantage of the procedure to beautify their skin.




The procedure of performing a Sclerotherapy Las Vegas spider vein treatment is easily done here at Modern Wellness Clinic, in the doctor’s office. First the area of treatment is cleaned and sterilized, then the solution for the procedure is injected directly into the affected spider veins, this is known as treatment. Because spider veins are so thin, the doctor uses very fine needles for the treatment, which we have plenty of here at Modern Wellness Clinic. Depending upon the affected areas size, amount of affected spider veins in Las Vegas, and the patient’s overall health, the number of injections in a given session can vary. Dry weather can cause dehydration, especially here in Las Vegas, so drink plenty of fluids prior to your sclerotherapy spider vein treatment.

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