Start Your New Year Off Strong With Our HCG / Paleo Scientific Weight Loss Program

Have you tried diet after diet with poor results? As the new year begins, now is the time to make a healthy weight loss resolution — and stick to it. Modern Wellness Clinic can help, with our HCG/Paleo weight loss program. It gives you fast initial results, which can be a real motivator to help you reach your weight loss goal.

What is the Paleo diet? 

The Paleo diet contains foods that humans might have eaten in the Paleolithic era — from 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 years ago, before people began to farm. It includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds, which hunter/gatherers would have eaten during that era. The diet bars beans and legumes, dairy, potatoes, salt, refined sugar, and grains.

What is HCG and how does it help with weight loss? 

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that’s present during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. It increases metabolism and allows an expectant mother to use her excess fat to support both herself and the baby. Doctors have found that this hormone can be useful for weight loss because of its effect on metabolism. 

When you diet, your metabolism slows down because your body is getting fewer calories than usual. This is a protective function because your body perceives itself to be starving and wants to save the energy instead of use it. When taking HCG along with eating a Paleo diet, your metabolism speeds up, and your body burns the excess fat you’ve stored, so the weight comes off. For women, excess fat often ends up around the abdomen and the thighs; for men, it’s around the abdomen. 

Our weight loss program combines HCG and a Paleo diet that’s low-fat and low-calorie, and it’s separated into stages. Typically, you begin with a very restricted-calorie diet and take HCG. After about six weeks, you stop taking HCG and gradually increase your calorie count but continue to avoid starch and sugar.

The HCG/Paleo weight loss program gives you real results 

Modern Wellness Clinic’s weight loss program produces fast initial results, which helps motivate you to continue with the program. In the first 4-12 weeks, you could potentially lose up to one pound per day.

In addition, when you no longer take the HCG, the Paleo diet, with some modifications, is a good choice for a maintenance plan. After you’ve lost weight with the HCG/Paleo program, you’ll find that your eating habits and tastes have changed — you’re no longer addicted to sugar. Sticking with a modified Paleo diet can keep your weight where you want it. 

Any type of rapid weight loss program should be supervised by a medical professional to ensure your well-being, and you’re not alone on the HCG/Paleo weight loss program. Modern Wellness Clinic engages you with weekly follow-ups and provides support, including recipes and meal plans. 

Start your new year off strong with a safe, effective weight loss program. Call or book an appointment online to start your weight loss journey today.

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