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Stretch Marks



Whether they’re caused by pregnancy, weight gain induced from other medical complications, or just one lemon bar too many, the fact of the matter is that stretch marks are a natural part of living in modern America.

However, these blemishes are ugly stains on what could otherwise be flawless skin. That’s why we have a process ready-made to remove these unfortunate blights from your body.


The technique, perfected over the last three-quarters of a century by Parisian scientists, is guaranteed to help you reclaim the beauty you deserve from your body.

This process, known as Carboxytherapy, is highly refined and will start to affect changes on your skin as soon as the first session of Carboxytherapy. 

Simply put, Carboxytherapy, or the injection of carbon dioxide in order to effect change on the outer layers of skin through gaseous infusion, is a cutting edge industry in Las Vegas, and we here at the Modern Wellness Clinic are ready, willing, and able to help you remove those stretch marks. 


Naturally, you might be inclined to want to know if it’s worth it. While many view stretch marks as nothing more than a minor cosmetic issue, the truth is, they can be slightly more insidious than their reputation might lead you to believe. 

When combined with cortisone increases, the skin can stretch to a point of near-permanent damage so stretch marks are indicative of possible skin damage at some of the most critical areas of the body- namely, the breasts, hips, abdomen, thighs, and arms. 

Not to mention that these marks make you feel unconfident with yourself.


Our Carboxytherapy procedure is exceedingly effective in ensuring that your skin is healthy and safe, and while very large stretch marks should be attended to by a physician, the healing process for even these can be supplemented by our Carboxytherapy technique. 

This is because the most common cause of stretch marks, a disruption of some kind to the normal elastic fiber layer of the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis that allow for these tiny divots, is ultimately rehabilitated by a process which the body has grown itself in order to repair this kind of damage which is only enhanced by our technique. 


Stretch marks are unseemly, annoying, and potentially harmful dark spots on the visible layer of your skin. Ultimately, they’re one of the most annoying and irritating parts of a process that you have no control over. 

So instead of stressing about these disgusting blemishes on the canvas of your body, allow us to handle it for you with our Stretch Mark Removal service. 

Not only will it help you develop the healthy skin that your body is naturally capable of, but it allows you to feel happier with your own body, and no longer ashamed of showing it to the world, simply because of the results of a perfectly ordinary process which you had no control over, to begin with. 

Take back your body’s beauty, and your pride.


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