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The skin- especially on that of the face- is the most important part of your body in a first impression. 

When you first meet somebody, how you take care of your body is the first thing they notice about you, whether they realize it or not. 

Therefore, putting your best foot forward is crucial- and with the Microdermabrasion process offered by us at the Modern Wellness Clinic, it’s easy to accomplish the smooth, beautiful, radiant skin that you need to make that first judgment a good one.


Some of mankind’s most impressive medical advancements have been relatively simple concepts applied to the human body. 

Stitches are just sewing skin closed. Vaccines are the equivalent of providing your body with a mugshot of a particular virus. 

Microdermabrasion is in a similar vein- at its very core, the Microdermabrasion process is a simple matter of scraping away the contaminants of the skin that keep it from showing its true luster to the world, using special rough material, similar to sandpaper. 


It seems like a relatively simple procedure, but given the very delicate and complex nature of the human body, the simple idea took many years to perfect. 

However, we now have precisely the tools, expertise, and technology to tend to your needs. 

The process starts with a cleansing- removing all surface level contaminants. 

Then, using the incredibly precise AccelaFuze machine, we start to enact a surfacing technique that removes the first layer of the epidermis, allowing for the contaminants- oils, dust particulates, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other minute intruders into your skin- to be safely scrubbed away.


Afterward, a hydrating mask is applied, allowing the skin to recover, and then a combination of peptide infusion therapy (a special drug therapy which uses common minerals to repair tissue damage and monitor immune system functionality) and LED light therapy (a process by which your skin improves its natural healing capabilities through the application of varying light wavelengths) in order to properly ensure that your skin is in a fully functional capacity before a special head and shoulders massage by one of our numerous and talented massage therapists. 


This highly refined process brought to the US by Italian physicians in the 1990s is a wonder of modern medicine- something so elegantly simple, that it could only be a stroke of genius that it’s brought to us. 

In the arid and seemingly unendingly scorching heat of the Mojave, skin damage is inevitable. But the Microdermabrasion process we perfected at the Modern Wellness Clinic can not only restore the skin to a condition it was before you may have stepped into the desert sun, but to a condition even superior to that. 

Removing the common contaminants that are so often found in the upper layers of the skin can be incredible methods by which we can repair skin damage. 

If you want to retain healthy, youthful skin, and put on your best face for life’s myriad first meetings there’s little more you can do to help your situation than to indulge your skin in the cutting-edge, skin improvement technology that is our Microdermabrasion content.  


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