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Weight Loss



Obesity, according to almost any metric you can think of, has become an epidemic in the United States. Unfortunately, this means that several unhealthy behaviors have become popular throughout the country. 

Fad diets, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders have all emerged as major issues for both men and women. Support operations like weight loss clinics have also emerged to help healthily deal with this epidemic. 

These problems can be exacerbated so much more in areas where looking “good” is important for social status (or maybe just for a job)—Las Vegas being one such place. Luckily, there is no shortage of Las Vegas health clinics to choose from.

Here, we’ll run through the basics of what a weight loss clinic is and what to look for when choosing one. 


A weight loss clinic sometimes called a medical weight loss clinic, is a location where individuals looking to drop weight healthily can go to get diet and exercise plans, consultations, and tailored programs geared towards helping them safely lose weight. 

Weight loss clinics will typically have one, if not several, specialists on hand to help their clients lose weight. These specialists can include such experts as:

  • Nutritionists
  • Dietitians
  • Certified Wellness Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Lifestyle Coaches

A weight loss clinic may also have a physician on hand to consult with those suffering from obesity who have concerns regarding their diet or exercise program.


Weight loss clinics offer a host of benefits, some more apparent than others:

  1. Weight loss clinics are effective. Typically these clinics are built on success stories, which means that they usually use programs and techniques that result in successful weight loss.
  2. Weight loss clinics are (usually) safe. It’s easy to get bad, or even unsafe, advice from sources online. With social media providing non-experts a new platform for spreading information that may be… less than correct. This has resulted in many people following unhealthy plans that damage their wellbeing and, often, don’t result in weight loss.
  3. Weight loss clinics offer a support network. You don’t have to rely on yourself with a clinic. Not only do they offer expert support, but they also offer critical and consistent support to help you on your journey. 

Weight loss clinics can tailor programs to fit your needs. No program is a ”one-size-fits-all”, which means that a good clinic will be able to adapt to your situation.


Fortunately, weight loss clinics are not uncommon. Unfortunately, that means that you have to carefully choose what kind of clinic you’d want to visit. 

A reputable weight loss clinic will have just that—a good reputation. Whether it is through online reviews or word of mouth, you should always follow up with the word on the street to see if that clinic is good at what they do with respect to your health.

Following that, solid clinics will offer some basic services to help those wanting to lose weight. 

  • The objective support you need—diet advice, health advice, exercise advice. 
  • Behavioral or lifestyle treatment, which helps you develop better routines, habits, and behaviors that remove you from the situations that made you overweight in the first place. Many times these treatments will include extensive journaling and food tracking.
  • Counseling on non-behavioral issues like managing stress, getting enough sleep, etc. 
  • Steady weight loss goals. A weight loss clinic worth it’s salt will never promise rapid results over a healthy loss program. Your clinic should promote slow and solid loss goals that look manageable and realistic to you.
  • Help developing future plans for when you stop going to the clinic. These plans are meant to help you keep the weight off for the foreseeable future.
  • Ongoing support in your health journey… including counseling, coaching, and monitoring online or off.

Some clinics will offer recognizable diet programs that you may have heard of. Some of these may be popular, and you may want to try them based on brand recognition alone. A good clinic will offer proven and safe programs, and will never pressure you to use a program that could prove unhealthy for you. 


While we’ve focused on what you should look for in a weight loss clinic, you should also lookout for any clinic that runs counter to these criteria.

There are plenty of Las Vegas weight loss clinics available, but not all of them necessarily follow the outline we’ve illustrated here. 

If you are Las Vegas and you are looking for a Las Vegas weight loss clinic, then you should stick with the items above. If you ever feel pressured to do something that you feel is unhealthy or irresponsible, then trust your instincts and move on. 

Don’t ever work with a clinic that suggests radial calorie restriction or obsessive exercise. Likewise, do not work with clinics that rarely, if ever, meet with you in person. While online consultations are great for many, they aren’t a substitute for in-person meetings. 


For patients who struggle with losing weight and would like to lose 10 pounds or more, HCG / Paleo Scientific Weight Loss program is the perfect and effective solution. During the initial 4 to 12 weeks, patients can lose up to a pound a day. HCG / Paleo will also help you to keep the weight off with a simple maintenance regiment. You’ll lose unwanted fat while maintaining muscle mass and suppressing hunger cravings.

Modern Wellness Clinic Weight Loss Programs is:

  1.  Proven safe and effective
  2.  Affordable and complete
  3.  Physician supervised
  4.  Latest in men’s science

HCG / Paleo can help also help to reduce or stop the need for blood pressure and diabetes medications. In many patients, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and kidney function labs improved remarkably and arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, and acid reflux have drastically improved or symptoms completely ceased!

Once your medical history and physical exam have been reviewed and the doctor has determined that HCG / Paleo is right for you, we document your weight, vitals, and measurements along with before and after pictures and start the program.

Super B12 Lipo/MIC/Vit C & D shots, dietary recommendations and appropriate supplementation for the weight loss program will be given along with recipes, meal plans, and your Weight Loss Commitment Kit.

With weekly follow-ups you’ll receive Super B12 Lipo/MIC/Vit C & D shots and latest meds, help with any questions you may have. Each week the Modern Wellness team will make sure you’re feeling great, motivated, and losing weight.


We hope that this is a good start for you in your weight loss journey. If you are considering a Las Vegas weight loss clinic, use the items above to help you make your decision. 

Above all, make sure that whatever choice you make is from a place of increased health and happiness. If you are trying to lose weight for any other reason, it can drive you to unhealthy behavior. 

No matter what, love and trust yourself, and work with people with your best interests in mind.


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