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In today’s age of social media, movie stars, youtube personalities. Everyone seems to have a skin complexion from the fountain of youth. 

The reality is, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today on average 80% of Americans suffer from acne-prone complexion. 

We all dream and work towards having silky smooth clear skin, many follow strict diets, drink plenty of water, follow detailed nightly and morning routines. All in the hopes of achieving clear skin.

Many of you self treat with harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation, rashes, and long-lasting damage. 

The majority of you, yes I am talking to you, try and solve the issue by violently popping the problem. This damages the skin, causing severe swelling to the area Popping the problem exposes your skin to bacteria from the surrounding area along with germs from your own hands. Gross(insert disgusted emoji here).


Acne Facials have proven time and again to be essential in providing you with radiant smooth skin. Helping you reverse your skin and achieve silky smooth clear skin. 

Do facials really help with acne?

Short answer? Absolutely. 

The effects of receiving our Acne facial can be noticed hours after the treatment. Not only can you physically see a difference, but the therapeutics effects are noticed the moment the procedure begins.

Our treatment is backed by science and has proven time and time again, that you can achieve their goals of perfect skin


Classic acne facials include traditional facial treatments like exfoliation, face massages, and streaming treatments. 

  • A more in-depth decongesting acne facial will typically include everything in a classic facial treatment and will include targeted removal of blemishes and decongesting of pores with special tools. 
  • Microdermabrasion is like a more intense exfoliation, where a specialist uses a special tool to exfoliate the top layer of your skin. 
  • LED Lighting treatment can simultaneously tone your skin, kill acne bacteria, and stimulate collagen production in your skin. 


Deep Cleansing

  • The first step of any acne facial typically involves a deep facial cleansing. This process removes any makeup you might wear, so plan on leaving it off during the process. Beyond that, this deep cleansing will remove trace oils and dirt on the surface of your skin.

Steam Treatment

  • The next step in many acne facials is the steam treatment. The practitioner will put a special steam mask over your face to gently blow warm steam over your face. 
    We might intuitively think that the steam “opens” your pores, this is false. Instead, steam “softens” the pores by loosens any hard materials that might be blocking them. This makes it easier to remove the gunk and grime that builds up and eventually becomes blemishes and pimples. 



  • Once the pores are soft and everything is ready, the practitioner will exfoliate the skin on your face. While the term “exfoliation” might sound rather harsh, in reality, all it means is that your facial expert will remove dead skin cells (and all the nasty bacteria and dirt) from your face.
    Exfoliation can come in a variety of forms. The kind of exfoliation you experience in a facial, however, is a bit different than what you might think of in terms of exfoliating soaps or creams. Depending on your level of acne treatment, you might get a gentle exfoliation, a chemical or acid peel for a deeper exfoliation, or deep microdermabrasion. 
    In either case, this portion of your facial will help remove the superficial dirt and oils while also preparing the skin for any extraction.


Blemish Extraction and Facial

  1. Extraction is the process of removing blackheads or “comedones” from your pores. Using a tool called a comedone extractor (or simply their hands), your specialist will gently force these obstructions from your pores. 
  2. The great thing about this is that you’ll see immediate results, as your blackheads will be completely removed. However, there are two things to note:

    If you have a severe breakout, you may need more than 1 acne facial session to remove them all. 

    If you have larger or inflamed blemishes like cysts that need to be drained or lanced, then you’ll need the help of a licensed dermatologist. 

Acne facials are not necessary to treat your acne. They go a long way towards helping you combat acne breakouts if you have continuing issues. More so, working with our skin specialists can train you to maintain a more healthy skincare. 

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