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Easily one of the best parts for attending a barber for men is the close shave. 

It feels really good to have the combination of hair, fuzz, dandruff, and other flaky contaminants to be scraped off of your skin, ready to face the world with a fresh face and fresh determination. 

Now that option is available to women as well with our Dermaplaning procedure that can leave the skin replenished and radiant just from getting rid of the particulate which naturally accumulates on the skin. 


Our Dermaplaning procedure is quick, painless, and hugely beneficial. 

In under 45minutes, we can make your skin shine again. 

Using a fine scalpel and only the most trained, diligent hands, the clinic will scrape away by removing vellus hair, dead skin cells, salt deposits left by sweat, and other small contaminants like dust, dirt, and grime in a deep exfoliation process that results in new, rejuvenated skin that positively glows.


Many people use simple processes like market exfoliators. 

But these contain all sorts of contaminants that are difficult to regulate, like plastic microbeads, parabens, and carcinogens. You don’t need to risk cancer to feel and look good, we will help you achieve that with no risk at all. 

This also makes the process especially beneficial to expectant mothers- while you may be okay with using toxins found in standard market cosmetics, transferring those toxins to your bundle of joy is a serious concern, and shouldn’t be approached lightly. 

If you’re pregnant, or just want to avoid all of the infections that come with using brand name cosmetics, then Dermaplaning is the process you need to restore your skin to the radiant glow that it naturally wants to show to the world. 

Dermaplaning’s success lies in precision, care, and talented hands- and the Modern Wellness Clinic has the best. Employees of the clinic are well trained, professional individuals who will approach your needs, safety, and health with the greatest care. 


The benefits aren’t just healt hier-looking skin, but healthier-feeling skin as well.

Dermaplaning removes vellus hair but, it also is enormously beneficial in treating such skin ailments as acne scarring from a time in life when you didn’t have our steady hand, sun damage from too much time in the Nevadan desert, and fine lines and wrinkles that may betray premature aging. 

It’s truly one of the most versatile and effective skin treatment options for anybody who wants the radiant skin that may have been lost under layer upon layer of dead cells, contaminants, and grime. 

Everybody enjoys the feeling of being clean-shaven, whether that be on our necks or on our legs, the fact of that matter is that removing the bed of built-up gunk on your skin is one of the most freeing experiences of cleanliness that one might be able to enjoy, and we are here to offer that to the Citizens of Las Vegas for an affordable rate and with a careful, precise, and measured approach to your health. 

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