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When to Consider IV Vitamin Infusion

When you think about it, taking supplements by mouth isn’t a very efficient way to get energy-boosting and detoxifying ingredients into your cells. The supplements must first be broken down by your digestive system. Eventually, they make it into your bloodstream, where they circulate throughout your organs to improve cognition, mood, and energy.

Intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions bypass digestion and go straight into your bloodstream, to convey their benefits without dilution or delay. At Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer a variety of IV “cocktails” that help you achieve your wellness and health goals. Here are just a few reasons you’d benefit from an IV infusion:

You need more energy

If you feel fatigued and you can’t figure out why, you may need a vitamin infusion to make up for an overly stressed lifestyle. Depending on which cocktail you choose, you can increase your levels of antioxidants as well as replenish or restore healthy levels of minerals. An IV infusion can also alleviate the sluggishness associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

You want to regain your health 

Whether you’re currently struggling with a health condition or you’ve recently regained your health, recovery can be a long process. By infusing your cells with nutrients and helping your body detoxify, an IV treatment can help with:

A glutathione infusion is particularly helpful for health issues. Glutathione is a type of protein that reduces free radicals and toxins. An alpha linoleic infusion helps your body utilize and maximize glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E. 

You want to age backwards

While everyone else you know marches straight toward their next birthday, you can head in the opposite direction (or at least look like you are). When you’d like to slow the aging process, we recommend infusions with NAD+ or glutathione. These infusions power up your cells so that they can repair themselves more rapidly.

Both glutathione infusions and NAD+ also maximize brain function. Whether you’re currently experiencing brain fog, or want to prevent it, we can help with one of these IV cocktails. 

An IV infusion also improves your skin quality, both by aiding the health of your skin cells and by providing extra hydration. You’ll feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.

You want to kick a habit (or recover from one)

Infusions with NAD+ are a nonaddictive way to break free from alcohol or recreational drugs. The IV infusion helps your brain function better, so that you don’t develop cravings. Unlike drugs or alcohol, NAD+ infusions aren’t habit forming, and you can’t get high or enter an altered state with this treatment.

A vitamin-rich IV infusion can help you recover from a hangover or from overdoing it once or twice. Between the hydration and the vitamins, your body gets the substances it needs to flush out toxins and nourish your cells.

If you want to optimize your health with IV infusions, contact our office today to find out which type of IV therapy is best for you.

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