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Start the New Year with More Energy with an IV Vitamin Infusion

Start the New Year with More Energy with an IV Vitamin Infusion

The holidays are filled with fun, stress, too much sugar, and too much alcohol. Even if you partied thoughtfully and avoided most of the health-diminishing temptations, you could probably use a boost. 

Your New Year’s Resolutions depend on focus and willpower, both of which lag when your body does, too. To recover from the holidays, achieve your long-term goals, and ensure that your resolutions are actually resolved, give yourself the gift of an intravenous (IV) vitamin infusion

An IV vitamin infusion bypasses your gastrointestinal tract, so you don’t lose any of the vitamins and minerals to digestion. Instead, the nutrients are delivered straight into your bloodstream, where they’re distributed to “thirsty” cells. 

In addition to providing nutrients, IV infusions also hydrate your cells. They reverse the dehydrating effects of holiday parties, stress, and indoor heat. 

At Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, our team of providers offers a full range of IV vitamin infusions to promote healing, repairing, and energizing at the cellular level. Following are a few infusion “recipes” that could be just what your cells need to help you live up to your hopes for the new year.

We customize your infusion

An IV infusion can be tailored to address your unique needs as an individual. In fact, you may choose various infusions throughout the year, based on where you feel you could use a boost. 

If you lack energy, you could benefit from an IV infusion called the Myers’ cocktail, which is named after the physician, Dr. John Myers, who invented and popularized IV infusions. In addition to key minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, the cocktail delivers high doses of B vitamins to give you immediate and lasting energy.

Many celebrities use Myers’ cocktails to get through busy shooting and promotion schedules. Other possibilities include antioxidant cocktails that contain glutathione or alpha lipoic acid to help your body build and repair cells.

Your liver produces glutathione, which is a substance that’s composed of glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid (types of amino acids). You need glutathione to repair damaged tissues and rebuild cells. Glutathione also helps your immune system function optimally.

Your body produces alpha lipoic acid to help break down dietary carbohydrates into cellular energy. You can also get alpha lipoic acid by eating red meat, broccoli, and potatoes, among other foods. It’s the only antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain barrier.

An IV cocktail with glutathione or alpha lipoic acid helps your immune system repair stress. It may also help with nerve pain from diabetes, and aid in recovery from hard workouts, hard partying, or an illness.

Take a load off while taking a load in

An IV vitamin infusion is one of the most relaxing ways you can help your body function better. You simply relax in a treatment chair and let us — and the infusion — do all the work.

We first cleanse your arm and wipe it with an antiseptic. We then insert a needle that’s attached to an IV bag filled with saline (i.e., salt water) plus the IV cocktail of your choice. Over the next hour or so, your bloodstream receives all the nutrients it needs to begin tissue repair and recovery to increase your energy overall.

You can even drift off to sleep during your therapy, which will take at least 20 minutes. Afterward, you should feel a shift upward in your energy levels as the vitamins and antioxidants positively affect your cellular health.

Stay focused in the new year

Most women and men who receive IV infusions — whether they’re celebrities or not — report that they feel an immediate benefit. An IV infusion can quickly become part of your regular self-care regimen to help ensure that you meet your goals throughout the new year. 

Find out how an IV infusion can make a difference in your energy levels and focus by contacting our office by phone at 702-463-9159 today. Or use our online booking form.

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