PRP: The All-Natural Game-Changer for Remedying Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you may be tired of trying to come up with creative ways to cover up your thinning hair or receding hairline. There are many treatments available for hair loss, but most of them don’t have any effect. You don’t want to waste your time with treatments that don’t work.

At Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, we provide a variety of high tech treatments to improve the way you look and feel. Our treatment team has many years of experience in platelet-rich plasma procedures that allow you to regrow your hair, making you look younger and more attractive. 

What is hair loss?

Most humans lose about 100 hairs every day, but these quickly grow back. Real hair loss occurs when you continually lose a large number of hairs and they are not replaced by new hair growth. This can result in very thin areas or a receding hairline, both of which look unattractive and can cause you distress.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be the result of several different factors, including:

Platelet-rich plasma safely and effectively treats hair loss, allowing you to regrow hair to fill in thinning and bald areas.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a modern treatment that is used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It uses platelets from your own blood to jump-start your body into healing. Platelets are your body’s own specialized healing cells that travel throughout your body and move to areas of injury to repair tissues.

The PRP process harnesses the power of these platelets by concentrating them and using them to stimulate growth in your body. In our clinic, we use PRP for a number of treatments, including hair loss.

To complete the PRP process, our staff draws a sample of your blood, then uses a centrifuge to separate the components. Plasma, the liquid part of your blood, is then concentrated with platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then strategically injected into the targeted areas of your scalp.

How does PRP remedy hair loss?

Your hair is produced by hair follicles in your scalp. The platelets act on the follicles, stimulating them to produce new hair. The PRP process can be combined with microneedling, which creates many tiny holes in your skin and boosts the effectiveness of the PRP treatment. 

Hair loss can be distressing, but you don’t have to live with it. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a safe and simple procedure that uses your body’s natural healing powers to stimulate new hair growth and restore your hair. 

To treat your hair loss, call our office and speak to our friendly staff, or use our convenient online booking tool today. 

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