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How to Reduce Crow's-Feet Without Surgery

How to Reduce Crow's-Feet Without Surgery

Wrinkles are a telltale sign that your skin is damaged. As the collagen matrix that supports your skin breaks down from time and from overexposure to the sun’s injurious rays, your skin thins out and loses its resilience.

Thinner, stiffer skin can’t “bounce back” after stress, including the stress that comes from making expressions. Instead, those expressions get etched into your skin in the form of wrinkles, including those pesky talon-shaped wrinkles at the outside corners of your eyes, known as crow’s-feet.

Our aesthetic professionals at Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, don’t think that you should have to settle for the “normal” signs of aging. That’s why we offer nonsurgical ways to erase or minimize crow’s-feet. Here’s how we do it.

Crow’s-feet are dynamic wrinkles

You probably first noticed your crow’s-feet when you smiled. Each time you grin, those wrinkles get reinforced.

Crow’s-feet are dynamic wrinkles, which means that they’re caused by the movement of dynamic muscles in your face. In contrast, some wrinkles result from overall structural damage to your skin that causes it to develop areas of weakness. Most of the wrinkles on your cheeks, for instance, aren’t dynamic wrinkles, they’re static.

But crow’s-feet and wrinkles on your forehead — including the “11” lines — are caused by the dynamic muscles you use to express your emotions. When your skin gets thinner with age and sun damage, it can’t regain its shape after you smile, squint, or frown.

Stop wrinkles by slowing the dynamism

If you want to erase or minimize crow’s-feet and other dynamic wrinkles, you have to quiet down those muscles that reinforce them over and over. That’s why the most effective treatment for crow’s-feet is to relax dynamic muscles with neuromodulators, such as Botox® and Dysport®.

Both Botox and Dysport use highly purified forms of a neurotoxin that block the signals that your brain sends to your wrinkle-forming dynamic muscles. Instead of contracting into wrinkles, the muscles stay calm and relaxed.

Once your skin stops being pressed into the crow’s-feet pattern that’s been etched into it, your skin relaxes, too. The crow’s-feet smooth out and your skin looks smooth and unwrinkled again.

Retain your natural expressiveness

In the early days of Botox, some overzealous celebrities and their doctors injected more neuromodulator than was necessary. Too much Botox or Dysport results in an undesired effect, sometimes dubbed a “frozen face.”

Never fear: Expert injectors have learned much about precisely where and how much Botox or Dysport to administer. The end result is a diminishment or erasure of your crow’s-feet, but not of your stunning smile. 

After Botox or Dysport, you can still express all of your emotions, naturally and beautifully. You won’t be able to grimace, however. 

Erase the deepest lines, too

If you’ve reinforced your crow’s-feet over many years or even decades, you may need the added boost of a dermal filler to completely smooth out the wrinkles at the outside corners of your eyes. In such a case, our aesthetic experts add a hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal filler to your treatment plan.

An HA filler literally fills in the missing volume in a wrinkle. Unlike the neuromodulators, which take days to work, an HA filler immediately improves the look of your crow’s-feet. 

Injectable therapies — Botox, Dysport, and HA fillers — aren’t a one-and-done treatment. Over time, they wear off and must be touched up. We schedule your touch-ups so that your beautiful, smooth eyes never show their crow’s-feet again. 

Erase your crow’s-feet without surgery or downtime. Contact our office today for an injectable treatment with Botox, Dysport, or fillers. Phone us at 702-463-9159 or use our online booking form.

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