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Are You Experiencing These Problems That Are Linked to Hormone Imbalance?

Are You Experiencing These Problems That Are Linked to Hormone Imbalance?

Most people associate hormones with the surge of androgens and estrogens that occur in puberty, turning little girls and boys into young women and men. But hormones remain important throughout your life cycle, and regulate everything from your metabolism to how well you think and focus.

When you’re plagued by symptoms that don’t seem to have any cause or any relation to one another, it’s possible that your hormones have become unbalanced. Hormonal imbalances are more likely to occur with age, as women enter menopause and men enter “andropause.”

At Modern Wellness Clinic, in Las Vegas, Nevada, our providers want you to feel as energized, happy, and focused as possible. If you’re not experiencing life as fully as you wish, we may evaluate you for hormonal imbalances and recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Are your hormones unbalanced? Following are some signs that they might be.

You keep gaining weight

Forget the myth of the “middle-aged bulge.” If you’re gaining weight around your midsection — whether you’re a woman or a man — that’s not a sign of normal aging.

An imbalance of estrogen and testosterone can cause you to accumulate fat, especially around the abdomen. This type of fat can be very difficult to lose. Spot exercises, such as crunches, don’t help at all.

When your hormones are unbalanced, you’re more prone to convert extra calories into fatty tissue rather than muscle. You’re also less likely to burn off fat. 

Since muscle speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat as fuel, you’re now caught in a vicious cycle: You need muscle to burn fat but you can’t build muscle while you’re putting on fat.

Balanced hormones let your metabolism function more smoothly. You more easily build muscle while doing resistance training, which turns up the heat on your fuel burning, too. As your hormones support your metabolism, your body trims down (fat) and builds up (muscle) again.

You can’t sleep or focus

Either it takes you forever to fall asleep, or you just can’t stay asleep. Or maybe you wake up too early and can’t drift off again. Whatever the problem, the term insomnia covers a variety of sleep issues.

If you have insomnia, hormonal imbalances may be at the heart of your problem. Women, especially, tend to struggle with insomnia during perimenopause and menopause. Symptoms such as night sweating and urinary urge incontinence can awaken you multiple times during the night, which may make it impossible to get the restorative rest you need.

Of course, if you don’t sleep well, it’s hard to stay alert and focused during the day. But to make matters worse, low levels of essential hormones also affect how well your brain works. Even being low on thyroid hormone can compromise your ability to think and remember.

You’re moody or irritable

Hormones affect your moods, too. You’re more likely to struggle with depression or anxiety if you have hormonal imbalance. Women and men manifest depression differently: Women may withdraw and seem sad, while men may react with anger and rage.

Once your hormones are stabilized with HRT, your moods stabilize, too. You can let go of the small things that irritated you just months or even weeks before. Balanced hormones help your life feel balanced.

Your skin sags and your hair falls out

Two of the most dreaded physical signs of aging — thin, sagging skin and scalp hair loss — are directly connected to hormones. Sun damage is also at play when it comes to your skin, so be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen and shade when outdoors. But you can give your skin a boost in health by increasing your hormones again.

When you improve your skin quality, your scalp is better able to retain hairs, too. Hair loss occurs when hair follicles (i.e., pores) become damaged and unable to produce or maintain hair growth.

You’re not hot for teacher … or anyone

Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED) and women who find sex excruciating can also benefit from HRT. With HRT, men get the testosterone they need to achieve and maintain an erection. Estrogen replacement in women helps their vaginas stay lubricated during intercourse.

You also notice an uptick in your libido. Crashing levels of hormones often leave you uninterested in romance or sex, and this can negatively affect your mood and even your relationships. Balanced hormones turn your libido back on.

If you’re ready to embrace your life fully and with energy again, see If HRT can help you by contacting our knowledgeable office staff by phone at 702-463-9159 today. Or, feel free to use our online booking form.

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