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5 Reasons to Consider NAD Therapy

5 Reasons to Consider NAD Therapy

The coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) was first identified in 1906. Recent research on NAD demonstrated that one of its jobs is to direct cells to make adjustments to ensure survival. When you’re young, you have plenty of NAD to:

Your liver produces NAD, but your NAD production plummets as you age. Lack of sufficient NAD is one reason you may have less energy than you did in your youth. It’s also one of the reasons why your skin isn’t as vital as it used to be, and your cognitive abilities slow down.

You can replenish your body’s NAD with infusions that go directly into your bloodstream so that the compound immediately gets to work reinvigorating your cells. Our health experts at Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, recommend NAD therapy to improve a variety of conditions and complaints. 

Would NAD therapy help you feel better? Read on to find out.

1. You want to age more slowly

One of the hallmarks of aging is dysfunctional mitochondria. The mitochondria are the ancient bacteria in your cells that act like batteries, and produce the energy that your cells need to function optimally. When your NAD levels fall, your mitochondria slow down and can’t perform their jobs efficiently anymore.

An infusion of NAD gives your mitochondria a boost. The NAD also subdues low-grade inflammation in your body, which otherwise leads to a host of chronic diseases and increases the signs of aging. After a series of NAD infusions, expect:

NAD infusions also help your bones stay strong and may even encourage your bones to produce new bone cells, avoiding or reversing osteopenia or osteoporosis.

2. You want to break an addiction

When you’re addicted to a substance — whether alcohol or drugs — NAD can help you break the cycle and live a life free of dependence. In fact, NAD can also help you kick behavioral addictions, including addictions to sugar, food, or sex.

Most addictions are a form of self-medication. You choose a substance that makes you feel better. Temporarily. However, the substances damage your cells and inhibit their healthy functioning. 

Infusions with NAD help your cells repair themselves and function better so that you no longer crave the substance. As an added benefit, NAD doesn’t trigger withdrawal symptoms.

3. You want more energy

NAD directly influences how much energy you have because it improves the function of your mitochondria, the “batteries” in your cells. Once your cells are functioning at their peak, you have more energy to burn. Your body also more quickly disposes of dead cells and repairs those that are damaged, to keep you at your peak. 

4. You want greater mental powers

Aging and cell death affect your brain, just as they affect your other more visible organs, such as skin. Studies have linked increased NAD levels with reversal of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. 

When your brain’s cells get a boost of energy from NAD, they fire more efficiently and quickly, alleviating “brain fog” and alleviating depression and other mood disorders. Regular infusions keep your brain healthy, reduce your risk for dementia, and improve your memory and cognition.

5. You want to reduce chronic pain

Low-grade inflammation in the body is behind most chronic diseases, including arthritis. NAD has been shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body. When your cells have the NAD they need, they can more easily repair damage, rebuilding injured or degraded tissues.

NAD infusions can even help you recover from a workout by increasing the rate of cellular repair. The infusions themselves also rehydrate your body, accelerating your recovery from an intense workout, jet lag from flying across time zones, or even a hangover.

Each NAD treatment takes about 1-2 hours, on average, at our center. However, depending on your needs, the infusion could take longer. You relax comfortably in a treatment chair while we insert a tiny needle in your arm that infuses the NAD solution directly into your bloodstream.

We recommend daily NAD treatments for five days to boost your levels and energize your cells. You then come in for periodic infusions to maintain or enhance your benefits. 

Are you ready to infuse your body with the NAD it needs to improve function and reverse decline? Contact our office today by calling our friendly staff at 702-463-9159 or using our online booking form.

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