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5 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

5 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

When hormone replacement therapy (HRT) first landed on the scene, a flawed study panicked women and their doctors unnecessarily. Although HRT was originally associated with an increased risk for heart disease and breast cancer, the study only followed elderly women who were already at risk for such diseases.

The subsequent decades have proved that HRT is safe and effective for both women and men who experience dips and declines in important hormones as they age. That’s why we at Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, offer testosterone (T) injections for men and bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy (BHRT) for women. 

BHRT includes key hormones, such as: 

Once you start HRT, it takes your body a week or more to respond to the replenished hormones. That’s when the benefits start to manifest. 

1. You have more energy

Probably the first benefit you’ll notice once your hormones stabilize on HRT is that your energy levels increase. Remember how fired up you were in your younger years? That’s because your hormones were in plentiful supply and balanced each other out, too.

Increased, more stable energy levels negate some of the ill effects of hormonal imbalances, including insomnia. When you sleep better, your energy improves even more. You may even notice a positive shift in your mood.

2. Your skin and hair look healthier

Hormones are responsible for almost every function in your body, including the production of skin cells and hair cells. When your hormones are depleted, your skin gets thinner, drier, and saggier. Your hair starts to fall out — even if you’re a woman.

Once you start HRT, your skin rebuilds itself and so do the follicles that house and grow your scalp hairs. You notice changes such as:

Because HRT has aesthetic benefits as well as health benefits, it’s a great place to start your antiaging regimen. 

3. Your libido goes into overdrive

As women and men age, they may find their sex drive starts to fade. Men may suffer bouts of erectile dysfunction (ED) due to low T levels. Women may avoid sex because their vaginas don’t produce enough lubrication to make sex comfortable.

Hormone replacement therapy restores men’s T levels and brings back the estrogen and progesterone women need to produce lubrication and thicken their vaginal walls. Your libido returns, and sex feels better, too. Because restoring hormones improves the health of your genitals, you may also experience more intense orgasms.

4. Your brain fog clears

Nobody should settle for “senior moments,” when you stumble for words or can’t follow your own train of thought. If your brain feels slower than it used to, or if you’re having trouble remembering names, words, or events, you may have unbalanced hormones.

Normalizing your hormones normalizes brain function, too. In fact, HRT may even help stave off the dreaded dementia of old age, including Alzheimer’s disease. 

5. You build muscle and burn fat

Do you know that your hormones influence how much fat you pack, and whether you can unpack it or not? Estrogen is a powerful hormone that you need to stay healthy, but when you have excess estrogen, you’re more likely to have excess fatty (i.e., adipose) tissue.

Worse, adipose tissue produces more estrogen, which makes it all-too easy to keep gaining fat without being able to burn it. Once you rebalance your hormones so that estrogen dips and other hormones, such as testosterone, gain strength, the fat starts to melt off.

Better, once your hormones are balanced, you don’t just burn fat more easily, you build muscles more easily, too. And muscle tissue — unlike fatty tissue — speeds up your metabolism so that you burn fat faster and build even more muscle. And guess what? More muscle mass keeps your bones stronger, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Don’t let Mother Nature rob you of the hormones you need to look and feel vital, healthy, and youthful. Contact our office today about BHRT for women or T injections for men. Phone us at 702-463-9159 or use our online booking form.

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