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10 Benefits of IV Therapy

At least a third of the United States population is deficient in key micronutrients, according to a study published in a 2017 issue of the journal Nutrients. The authors assume that to be an under-estimation, because they were only looking at key nutrients, such as iron and the B vitamins, rather than the full spectrum of micronutrients that we need to thrive.

Between soil depletion that’s robbed our foods of key minerals and a reliance on calorie-rich but nutrition-poor processed foods, Americans are eating more and more but getting less and less benefit from their “food.” Even if you focus on a whole-foods diet that emphasizes vegetables and high-quality, grass-fed animal products, you could still be nutrient deficient.

The Modern Wellness Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides intravenous (IV) vitamin and nutrient therapy to restore your body’s micronutrient levels, hydrate your cells, and optimize your health. Your expert team helps you choose from a variety of IV “cocktails” that directly infuse your tissues with the nutrients your body needs to heal and stay strong. 

Here are just 10 of the benefits of using IV therapy. IV therapy:

1. Gets the job done faster, and more efficiently

When you take supplements orally, they must first be broken down by your gut, which later distributes them throughout your body via the bloodstream. An IV infusion bypasses this inefficient system and delivers the nutrients to the bloodstream right away, so that they can go to work replenishing and rebuilding your tissues.

2. Hydrates your cells

Up to 75% of people in America are in a chronic state of dehydration. Water also has key nutrients in it.  An IV infusion delivers water to your cells, plumping them up and helping them conduct electricity more efficiently. You’ll notice the difference in your skin right after your first session.

3. Helps break addictions

The Modern Wellness Clinic offers a special IV preparation that uses nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to help you break addictions to alcohol and drugs. If you’ve struggled to kick health-impairing habits such as recreational drugs or alcohol, NAD+ helps reduce cravings and allows your brain to function better.

4. Improves brain health

One of your formulas features glutathione, which is an important antioxidant that reduces your toxic load. Glutathione is also essential for healthy brain function. You may choose to add this IV therapy if you’ve suffered any kind of cognitive challenge or impairment — including dementia or stroke.

5. Resolves chronic conditions

Glutathione, alpha linoleic acid, and other ingredients in our cocktails help your body repair damage and function more efficiently. A series of IV infusion therapies can help with a variety of chronic conditions, including:

After you receive IV therapy, your body is also better able to process and use the vitamins and minerals you take in through your food or through other supplements.

6. Reverses the effects of aging

Although it first gained credibility as a treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, NAD+ is also a powerful antiaging agent. Hydrating and nourishing your skin cells an NAD+ IV infusion makes them look younger and healthier.

7. Removes toxins

Most of the ingredients in our IV cocktails are powerful antioxidants that bind to and then remove free radicals and other toxins from your body. The extra hydration also helps your body process and eliminate toxins. 

8. Boosts immunity

Named after the inventor of IV vitamin infusion therapy, Dr. John Meyers, the Meyers’ cocktail is filled with vitamins and minerals that support your nerves and muscle, protect your cells against damage, and boost your immune system. 

9. Accelerates brain and nerve function

Alpha linoleic acid is the only antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain barrier, which means it can nourish the cells and nerves in your brain as well as your body. It also helps your body produce glutathione and recycle vitamins C and E.

10. Helps you recover faster

Whether you pushed yourself at an athletic event or overdid it with a night of partying, you can accelerate your recovery time and feel like yourself again with an IV infusion. 

To rejuvenate and refresh your body with IV therapy, call our office to schedule an appointment online today.

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