Cellulite Laser Treatment in Las Vegas and Does It Work?

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What is Cellulite? As we mentioned in our last article, cellulite is a hard, yet sensitive fatty deposit that the body quickly forms to store fat. It is lumpy and protrudes against the skin forming dimples and mounds that cause out skin to look a bit unsightly. Here in Las Vegas, vanity and looks are very important, cellulite is a general no-no, but how do you get rid of it?

Our last article also mentioned MesoTherapy and cellulite massage, or the use of multiple injections of homeopathic and natural medicines to the mid section of the body, along with the massaging of the treated areas to dissolve cellulite. In this article we’ll be discussing the use of Laser Treatment for Cellulite and why we don’t use it at Body Lounge Las Vegas.

What is Laser Treatment for Cellulite? Laser treatment is the employment of a powerful laser beam that is used to melt cellulite fat just under the skin. A Doctor has to make many tiny incisions for the laser to go in and do its work, and then the laser beam heats your flesh and melts cellulite, leaving your body with tiny scars and general pain from the incision sites and the insertion of the laser.

Don’t go through pain when there are better, safer more effective options. We have monthly specials here at Body Lounge Las Vegas, come on in and ask about them, and try out our MesoTherapy for cellulite ablation treatment with massage.

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