Anti-aging Procedures Las Vegas

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Hey! Did you know about the anti-aging procedures in Las Vegas that we have here at Modern Wellness Clinic Las Vegas? This procedure can include a few different things like Botox, chemical peels, Mesotherapy, and carboxy therapy.

Let’s start with Botox: Botox has been one of the leading anti-aging procedures in Las Vegas since it was first discovered and used as a medicine. It is a wonderful serum for certain individuals suffering from a range medical conditions. People all over are checking out Botox, or botulinum toxin, as it is medically referred to as a skin and tension therapy. It is one of the safest and most effective medicines for relieving tension in one’s face, scalp, or skin in general where it can get rid of wrinkles.

Next is the chemical peel. Sometimes the term ‘chemical’ can be a bit weird at first, but the chemicals that we use are actually not that bad for the skin, especially when we use them as an effective anti-aging procedure in Las Vegas. What we do is use a chemical solution that gently lifts dead skin cells from the face, so that the face can breathe and generate new skin cells. It’s very soft on the skin and has excellent results!

And now we are at Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is very effective at getting rid of that stubborn belly fat around the midsection or waist. What we generally do is apply the areas to be treated  with a topical solution of lidocaine, and then use multiple injections of our special concoction to melt away the fat of the belly area. This is one of the most effective anti-aging procedures in Las Vegas there is!

Last but not least, carboxy therapy. We utilize this therapy specifically to get rid of stretch marks and to get rid of cellulite. Who would’ve thought carbon dioxide would be one of the best parts of our anti-aging procedures in Las Vegas? By utilizing this really tiny needle that gently injects a little bit of carbon dioxide gas into the small stretch Mark areas, it causes the body to naturally  heal the stretch marks, or stria, faster.

So, the next time you’re thinking about getting a procedure done, or a little bit of work, come check us out at Body Lounge Las Vegas! We are leading the field in anti-aging procedures in Las Vegas. Also, we have specials, combo packages, and Mother’s Day gift certificates that you can purchase for that special woman in your life!

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