Stretch Marks removal Las Vegas

Stretch Marks Carboxytherapy

Modern Wellness Clinic also uses Carboxytherapy for stretch mark removal. By inserting a fine needle connected to a machine that applies gentle, but positive gas pressure, just under the surface of the skin in the affected area. Carbon dioxide gas goes to work by forcing the skin to heal itself naturally but faster. Stretch mark removal therapy isn’t new in Las Vegas, but the use of Carboxy therapy as a healing agent is. As mentioned on our cellulite treatment page, the Carboxytherapy treatment for cellulite also works wonders for stretch mark removal. Pioneered in France in 1932, it was popularized by the European elite and is still a very effective treatment today.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural part of our body’s functions and it is why our blood appears bluish or purple, until it touches the air. The iron in our red blood cells only makes it red in appearance when it carries oxygen. The job of the red blood cell is to carry that oxygen to all of our cells, and exchange the oxygen molecule for the carbon dioxide molecule byproduct; so every time we exhale, there’s Carbon Dioxide being released, and every time we inhale, Oxygen is being introduced, into our bloodstream. Now, because cellulite is fat, and stretch marks are similar to scar tissue, the process of these molecules exchanging actually works a bit slower. Until we introduce carbon dioxide gas into the area.

We all know, Las Vegas is known for cosmetic procedures, such as stretch mark removal, cellulite treatment, Botox injection, dermabrasion, chemical peel, hair loss treatment, vampire facial (or vampire facelifts), and mesotherapy, but we want you to know that Modern Wellness Clinic is the leading edge in healthy cosmetic procedures; come in and ask about our specials.

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