Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing, renewing or engineering human cells, tissues, organs, proteins, etc. for the purposes of restoring function and homeostasis in the body. One of the key components of regenerative medicine is the use of cell replacement strategies which usually requires stem cells.

Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells in our bodies that have the capacity to change into any healthy cell in our body. Stem cells are located throughout our body in almost every organ and tissue such as bone marrow, fat, teeth, muscles, etc. However, as other cells in our body, stem cells also age as we do. That is why Modern Wellness Clinic uses stem cells from umbilical cord which are young and healthy.

Stem Cell Therapy helps men feel like their youthful selves again.

Primarily used for Andropause (Male Menopause) to balance hormones, Stem Cell Therapy is extremely effective in treating autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue weight loss, migraines, sleep and memory. Stem Cell Therapy is much safer than other pharmaceutical products on the market and has been known to help prevent cancer and lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

This is a Medical Therapy… Not an “Over the Counter” Remedy!

Blood, urine and salivary hormone testing are ordered to assess your symptoms, formulate the exact treatment dosage and during the progression of your therapy. At Modern Wellness Clinic, we consider each individual’s concerns, needs, and desires in order to customize each treatment to deliver the maximum benefits and results.