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Turn back time

North Las Vegas Nv Acne

Want that rid yourself of acne and regain that youthful skin complexion? Heard of the benefits that botox, but want to try out another option? Our unique system has proven time and time again to aid in combating the appearance of acne. 

We understand the want to turn back the dial on time, here at Modern Wellness we restore the beauty of youth everyday. If you live in the area of North Las Vegas, Nv click the button below to schedule a free appointment today to speak with a medical professional today.

About Modern Wellness Clinic in North Las Vegas, Nv

Operating for over a decade, with over 40+ years in medical experience.

Modern Wellness Clinic continues to set the industry standard every year when it comes to providing results and turning back the clock on beauty.

Modern Wellness allows anyone the ability to restore their younger year with financing options.

Other Services we Provide

Sculptra Butt Lift

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Injecting your way to a more shapely behind with Sculptra, is becoming increasingly popular as a non-surgical option for buttocks enhancement.
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Hair Loss

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At Modern Wellness Clinic, we have been performing PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss.
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Hormone Therapy

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Want to look and feel younger? Feeling the need to get rid of those hot flashes for awhile? Maybe a break from migraines and weight gain? Or, you simply just need to enjoy better sleep and a sharper memory?
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Reviews & Testimonials

Excellent staff! Very knowledgeable. GUYS! If you are over 30 GET YOUR TEST levels checked. End lethargy, feel active and virile Grrr. Gonna go in next week.

Facebook Review

Love this place, it's easy to come in and the staff are great, smiling, warm and always helpful. I typically get vitamin shots only, my fave.

Yelp Review

I'm very happy to have found this Clinic! The staff were very friendly and patiently answering all the questions I had. I highly recommend this place to family and friends. Amazing Stem Cells Therapy!! Thanks, BTW My wife loves Your Body Medical Spa!!! You're simply the best!

Google Review

There are no words to describe how wonderful this place is. Modern Wellness is absolutely the best most attentive, caring, considerate and always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend this place to you all.

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