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Stem cells are the key cells of all bodies. Stem cells are either differentiated or undifferentiated. Undifferentiated, or blank cells, are capable of developing into cells that serve any function within the body. Undifferentiated cells have the ability to divide and make duplicate copies of itself. However, most stem cells are differentiated which means they can replicate, but they serve a specific purpose in a particular organ. The ability for stem cells to replicate and correct defects is why stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV is important.

When most people think of stem cell treatments, they think of treatment for paralysis, correcting organ damage, or genetic defects. However, stem cells treatment in Las Vegas, NV can also be used to treat age-related issues, arthritis, and improve cartilage and joint functionality.

Undifferentiated cells can be used to replace dead or damaged cells, and thereby help to alter the deteriorating condition. The technique has gained a lot of traction in recent years due to its broader applications and benefits in the regenerative medicines.

Modern science has figured out a way to turn back the time on our cells. Regenerative medicine uses stem cell treatment in Las Vegas, NV to help restore a more youthful appearance. Professionals in the field use stem cells therapy to restore and refresh cells. For treatments to combat aging, stem cells are isolated and injected into the patient’s cells forcing the existing cells to rejuvenate.

Studies have shown this procedure produces the desired anti-aging effects in a non-invasive way with little to no pain. The effects can reverse the aging process by 10 to 15 years.

As with any type of medical procedure it is advisable to do your research to ensure you select a reputable clinic with a licensed and professional staff who follow treatment protocols for these procedures.

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